Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catwoman at Auction

I'm going to highlight a few interesting Catwoman related items, I've found during my travels online.

If you frequent ebay, this first piece will be very familiar to you. It is the original Joe DeVito painting to one of Catwoman's recognizable images from the 90's. This image, based on Jim Balent's work (I am guessing he only did the layout) was released as a poster in 1997. An interesting piece for Catwoman and Jim Balent fans alike. The painting has been listed and re-listed on ebay for a while now, and is currently being sold by mcdeadpool. The auction is subtitled, "The Mona Lisa of the Comic Art World"! The art is currently listed for 423 Thousand dollars. Yes, you read that right, 423,000.

Next up is a 1970's ceramic Catwoman night light. Re-using the mold from the Catwoman music box, this kitschy item is listed at $99.95. The seller is daddydineros, located in York PA. I have the music box, and would love to add this night light, if she wasn't so cock-eyed!

Last up are painted style guides for the 1992 move, Batman Returns. Featuring the Penguin, Catwoman, and Batman, these images were used on various at McDonalds. Batman's pose in particular seems familiar, and could be on a Splash page from the 1989 Batman Movie Adaption by Jerry Ordway. These three pieces are currently at auction through comiclink, for $32,500. Especially in light of Chris Nolan's third Batman movie, it's fun to remember Catwoman's look during her prior movie appearance.

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