Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catwoman - music box 1978

Here is a rare item, I've recently encountered, featuring Catwoman in her golden age costume. This was made in Japan by the Price Import Co., from ceramic/porcelain. It measures about 8" tall and the figure appears to be handpainted, while the other graphics are appliques. There is a turn wheel underneath to play the music.

Here is a video of the Batman and Robin video in use

There are atlease these other Superhero and Super Villain Music Boxes:
Batman & Robin
The Ridder
Shazam! (Captain Marvel)

Catwoman appearance - Brave and the Bold "INSIDE THE OUTSIDERS!"

The Brave and the Bold has been a fun series and its so great to Catwoman's vintage costume make a return. Catwoman has made many appearances on Brave and the Bold, but this scene from the Friday, November 6th, 2009 episode is special. I'm hoping to see a Catwoman toy soon!

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