Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catwoman cover story in Back Issue 40

I am a few months behind noticing this issue of Back Issue featuring comicdom's most (and some of the least) well know Cat-themed characters, such as Catwoman, Black Cat, Hellcat, and Josie. And best of all, it features a striking image of 70's Catwoman, by Joe Staton and colorist Freddy Lopez.

The Cover article is "Catwoman of Nine Tales: The Reformation and Conflictions of Selina (Catwoman) Kyle" by Jim Kingman, and features a bunch of nice COLOR photos. Most of them were familiar but this one, by Brian Bolland, was new to me!

Also, a nice easter egg is on the 1st page, where the "Special Thanks" section lists Selina Kyle, along side esteemed creators like Dick Giordano, Steve Englehart, and Ernie Colon.

Back Issue is an (almost) monthly magazine, put out by TwoMorrows publishing, and has great depth articles on past creators, publishers, and characters.

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