Sunday, August 30, 2009

Silver Age Catwoman and Carmine Infantino

This Silver age cover is a grail for me - showcasing Catwoman's 2nd Silver Age cover and her 4th Silver Age appearance, and I was so pleased to find the original artist recreating his classic covers. Its signed by both penciler Carmine Infantino and inker Frank McLaughlin, and came with a letter of authenticity from Carmine. These golden/silver age greats are currently listing some recreations on ebay, under ID ehols, and on Carmine picked this cover and penciled it in June, Frank inked it and his daughter is assisting them by listing in ebay. A huge thanks goes out to Erin for this gift, and for getting her dad (Frank) to pose for his pic!

And here's my pic of Carmine, when I have the pleasure to meet him in New York.

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