Monday, June 15, 2009

Catwoman artist profile: Jordi Bernet

Actually... Catwomen. Jordi worked on Batman Black & White with Howard Chaykin, featuring Catwoman in World War II era Gotham City. The piece below is an upcoming addition to my gallery! Having a Catwoman piece is an absolute Grail for me, and even though it's taken me 3 years to arrange a commission (long story for another time...) when Miguel announced a couple months ago that he was arranging commissions for Jordi, I jumped at the chance! This piece is actually a more detailed panel recreation from the Batman story. I love the Bernet-smile she has, Jordi's women are always perfection!

Miguel Angel Dominguez helps Jordi with his art sales, and was able to help me commission this piece - thanks Miguel! Check out M's gallery for great art for sale from Alfonso Azpiri and Jordi Bernet! Here's a few more of my favs from his gallery...

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